Left4 Dead2 gets final, massive update

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Next month Valve’s iconic zombie shooter, Left 4 Dead 2 turns 11. Today, the game gets a last, massive update that’s – The Last Stand, which is made by the Left 4 Dead people group update group and embraced by Valve itself. According to Polygon, It’s additionally the first new substance added to the game since 2012. That was the network made by DLC Cold Stream.

The update adds huge amounts of new content to the game: new maps, new weapons, unused dialogue, new enemy types, and even another mission. The update is allowed to download, and Left 4 Dead 2 itself is additionally allowed to play until September 28th — so there’s no explanation not to grab it at this moment.

As Polygon noticed, the declaration for this new update was made on the old authority Left 4 Dead site. The post reads that It has been numerous years since the contamination previously hit, Radio silence, no indication of life, only waiting expectations… CEDA is not going to spare us. It further explains that however, there is trust! A couple of bold spirits have proceeded with the battle despite seemingly fighting opposition, and soon we would all be able to profit by their flexibility. It seems like that day has come now. It’s an ideal opportunity to go execute some more zombies.

And, it isn’t the first or maybe highest-profile time that Valve has embraced a fan-made update to one of its games. That honor goes to Black Mesa, a remake of the first Half Life that took 15 years to make and distribute. It simply left early access this year, however, deal with the task started in 2005.

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