Chrome OS may get dark mode

Apparently, yet it’s not available in OS’s stable versions. 

Important in this blog: –

  • Chrome OS may be getting a dark mode.
  • Google cautions that Canary can be unstable.

The dark mode appears to apply over the UI, according to Android Central.

Android Central reported that finally, Chrome OS might be getting a dark mode, however, so far, it’s just been seen in its exploratory Canary channel.

With Canary, before you go tinkering simply be exhorted; Canary is bleeding edge of Chrome OS path that gets every day updates of features before they’ve been broadly tried. Google cautions that Canary can be unstable. It can only be gotten to from Chromebooks switched into an exceptional developer mode and for the Chrome OS Developer channel, not to be mistaken. However, right now, you require to have the Canary channel installed on your Chromebook to activate the dark mode.

Android Central says that the dark mode is containing a few bugs, however, notes it appears to apply over the UI, not similarly as more darker backgrounds.

Android Central says that whenever you’ve done that, you simply open Chrome and into the URL bar, type in; chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark and chrome://flags/#enable-webui-dark-mode. As noticed when I give this a shot on my older Chromebook and it wasn’t getting it to work.

Google has turned out dark mode forms for its few features such as Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Fit, and its mobile application throughout the most recent months. Last year at the system level, both Android and iOS both started supporting dark mode.

We are hoping and waiting to hear an update from Google about this if there are plans to turn out dark mode in Chrome OS to everyone whether if the android user or iOS users.

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